Project Meeting in Leeuwarden – 11th – 17th May 2014

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The program of the Comenius Project meeting in Leeuwarden





Lifelong Learning Programme
Comenius Multirateral School Partnerships

C.A.R.S. “Cars Are Really Super”

Leeuwarden 11th – 17th May 2014


Sunday, May 11th
Arrival of the project members from I, E and G

Monday, May 12th: Sightseeing Leeuwarden

09.30 Short walk to the museum

10.00 Start at Museum Pakhuis Koophandel (Oldtimers – trains – radio’s)

11.30 Citywalk with guide

12.30 Lunch: Frisian Coffee table

14.00 Praamvaart through the canals of Leeuwarden

19.00 Dinner at Pizzeria Pompeï

Tuesday, May 13th:
Project day
09.00 Welcome in C.025

09.30 Sightseeing school in 3 groups

11.30 Presentations

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Students: Kart-contest / teachers: visit Fries Museum and project evaluation

18.00 Barbeque at the Kart-facility

Wednesday, May 14th:
Ameland island
08.15 Departure to Holwerd (privat bus)

09.30 Departure ferry to Ameland

10.30 Bicycle tour around the island

12.00 Panecakes at “under the lighthouse”

13.30 Free-time

17.00 Departure ferry to mainland

17.45 Departure bus to Leeuwarden

19.30 Students: diner in the city / Teachers: dinner at Jeroen’s place

Thursday, May 15th:
Trip to den Haag (the Hague)

08.00 Departure from the Oranje Hotel (private bus)

11.00 Visit Panorama Mesdag

12.30 Lunch at beachclub el Nino (Scheveningen)

14.00 Visit Madurodam (Holland on one square kilometer)

17.00 Back to Leeuwarden

20.00 Dinner at Lachende Koe

Friday, May 16th:
09.00 Departure to Franeker by train (ca 15 minutes)

10.00 Guided tour Eise Eisinga Planetarium

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Kaatsklinic students; teachers visit Franeker

Afternoon: departure of the German group

19.00 Dinner

Saturday, May 17th
Departure of the Italian and Spanish delegations



Dutch Group



Jeroen Berntsen      

Jaap Rusticus

Bettina Bralts

Richtsje Zeilstra


Brian Schouwstra

Jordi van der Aa

Durk Bierma

Geert Talma

Jeffrey Spits

Rik Leeman

German Group



Helmut Kranenberg

Markus Pempe

Anastasija Vidnikevic

Sarina Scherbaum

Daniela Lipovaca

Nadja-Janine Linz

Eric Ndeto

Jonas Helberg

Italian Group




Raccuia Silvana

Contrafatto Daniela

Bonaccorso Renato G.

Giuseppa Ferlito

Di Giusto Alessandro

Taglieri Samuele

Torrisi Rosario

Ventimiglia Carmelo

Spanish Group



Caballero Rodríguez

Antonio Fernández Sánchez


Fatima Gómez Díaz
Marta Almansa Mercado

Natalia Sobrino de Toro

Sara Chacón Aranda
Sandra María Calzado Ruiz
Patricia Fernández Aranda
Francisco Javier Morales Alcazar                 




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