Questionnaires – Final Evaluation

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Questionnaires – Final Evaluation


Comenius Multilateral School Partnerships

Title of the partnership: C.A.R.S. “Cars Are Really Super”

Questionnaires – FINAL Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation during and after the Partnership are essential elements of

the project, to certify the efficiency and the impact on our students and local school

communities. In this last phase the teachers of the school partners will evaluate the

progress in the linguistic field of students, their attitude towards other cultures, their

working method, their use of technologies and their ability to work inside a group by

giving them an appropriate questionnaire. The relationships between the teachers

and the involvement of the students’ families will be also evaluated with question-

naires addressed to teachers and students’ parents in order to examine the level

 of pleasure and discover the quality and the value of the Comenius project.



Questionnaire for teachers.pdf

Questionnaire for students.pdf

Questionnaire for parents.pdf



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