1-Meeting in Catania – Italy

Project Meeting Comenius
“C.A.R.S: Cars Are Really Super"
- Catania 18th– 24th November 2012

Within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), whose main aim is to promote exchanges and cooperation between educational systems within the European Community, from 19th  to 23rd  November,  the ITI "S. Cannizzaro" in Catania hosted teachers and students from Germany, Netherlands and Spain on the occasion of the first meeting of the Comenius project "CARS: Cars Are Really Super".

The project aims to explore the fascinating world of the automobile, an invention that changed the world, a "tool" that is at the center of our daily life.

This experience will give our young people not only academic knowledge, but also the ability to understand and accept other cultures, to become more aware of being European citizens and to realize that a foreign language is not a barrier but a fundamental means of communication.

The Headmaster Mr Salvatore Indelicato, the vice headmaster Mr Salvo Maggio, Mrs Silvana Raccuia, responsible for the project, the collaborative staff, Mrs Daniela Contrafatto, Mr Renato Bonaccorso and the students involved in the project, have warmly welcomed the foreign guests.

During the visit of the school, teachers and students were able to appreciate the technology, functionality and efficiency of the Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics and Robotics laboratories.

The teachers C. Foti, L. Emmi, A. Mola, M. Palermo and A. Percolla presented experiments, video, and  robots that surprised the foreign teachers and students.           

The program planned for the week, in addition to the hours of work devoted to the comparison of the various school systems and teaching methods and the presentation of the work done by the four partner schools, envisaged various excursions: to Taormina, with its breathtaking views and its romantic streets; to Mount Etna with the visit of the Silvestri craters and the exploration of the cave "Cassone".

The walks in the historic center of Catania made the guests appreciate the beauty of monuments and sites of cultural interest such as: Biscari Palace with its magnificent Baroque rooms,  Terme Achilliane, Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral, to name a few.

The activities of the meeting were also attended by the teachers Giovanni Di Bella, Francesco Fasanaro, Lucio Gurrisi, Lucia Pinnisi, Antonello Reitano, David Romeo, Massimo Sottile and Alessandra Testa.


Silvana Raccuia


Photos by Renato G. Bonaccorso

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