2-Meeting in Gummersbach – Germany

Comenius "C.A.R.S.: Cars Are Really Super" –
Project Meeting in Gummersbach – Germany- Gummersbach 12th– 17th May 2013


Within the Comenius Project “C.A.R.S.” Cars Are Really Super, the second project meeting took place at the Vocational school “Kaufmaennisches Berufskolleg Oberberg” in Gümmerbach, Germany from 12th to 17th May.
The headmaster Mr Salvatore Indelicato, the teachers Mrs. Silvana Raccuia, Mrs. Daniela Contrafatto, Mr. Renato Bonaccorso and the students Calogero Ornella, Cammarata Denise (4 A Ch), Drago Dario, Giunta Oriana, Platania Ilenia (4 B Ch) and Reito Marco (4 B Eleaut) took part in the meeting.
The Italian, Dutch and Spanish delegations were warmly welcomed at school by the headmaster, the local authorities, the teachers and the students.
During the meeting all the partners worked on the project: the students of the various delegations presented their work (the leading role of the car in advertising, cinema, music, and in motorsports) and the teachers arranged the activities to which the students will work in preparation for the next meeting in Spain.
There have also been moments of touristic-cultural interest devoted to the discovery of the territory of the host country: the Gümmerbach and Cologne historic centres, the guided tours of Metabolon (Recycling company) and the LVR Museum and the visit of significant sites closely related to the topic of the project such as: the well-known Hockehneim Race Course, the enchanting Auto Technik Museum Sinsheim and the interesting Ford Motor Company. This experience has been highly educational for all the participants, since it unabled them to learn from different realities and to share different ways of life.
The students have also had the opportunity of improving their linguistic competence through an intensive practice of the English language which, thanks to the bond of friendship established with the foreign students, will continue by means of e-mails, SMS exchanges and contacts on Facebook.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the following schools:
1) Istituto Tecnico Industriale “S. Cannizzaro” (Coordinatore) Catania Italy
2) “Kaufmaennisches Berufskolleg Oberberg” Gümmerbach Germany
3) “Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Berenguela de Castilla” Bolaños de Calatrava Spain
4) “Friesland College” Leeuwarden Netherlands

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Photos by Renato G. Bonaccorso




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